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Mediation Somerset
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How does it work?

Contact us for a preliminary discussion then providing we have or can obtain the agreement of everyone to take part; we will appoint a mediator to contact you.

The mediator will normally meet or talk separately with each of the parties to establish the suitability of issues and readiness of participants for mediation. Where appropriate the mediator will arrange a joint meeting or shuttle mediation at a neutral venue. Mediation is a flexible process that can respond to the needs of the parties. There are different models of mediation; the model used will depend upon the participants and the presenting issues. Mediators help the parties resolve their disagreement by using the following structure:

Typical mediation meeting

  • Opening statement - The mediators welcome the parties, establish ground rules and the procedure to be followed and thank parties for their willingness to meet.
  • Uninterrupted time - Each party has the opportunity to speak without interruption about the disagreement, what it has meant and still means.
  • Exchange – The mediator will have built an agenda from the uninterrupted time. From this people will be asked to respond, there is opportunity to ask questions, give and receive further information. The mediator will facilitate communication between the people involved by focussing on the interests behind the positions that have been adopted.
  • Building an agreement – By changing focus from the past to the future the mediators will help the parties’ look for common ground and a way forward. If and when agreement is reached the mediator will help the parties structure their agreement and check out the practicality of what has been agreed.
  • Agreement - The practical details of the agreement are worked out, written down and signed by those present.
  • Closing Statement - Mediators review and acknowledge what has been experienced, and check whether any follow-up is needed.

Shuttle Mediation

This an alternative model where a joint meeting is inappropriate, it favours resolution of business issues that are very specific and do not involve emotions or the need for future relationships.

The parties may initially come together in one room to listen to each others perspective, then go into separate rooms.


The parties go directly to separate rooms.

In either scenario the mediator will act as a go between facilitating resolutions through proposals put by each of the parties.

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