Information for potential mediators

The work of the Somerset-based mediators who previously carried out mediation on behalf of Mediation Somerset is now coordinated by Devon Mediation.

Devon Mediation welcomes enquiries from potential volunteer mediators based in Somerset and interested in working in Somerset.  Its Coordinator will be able to talk informally about the work and send an information pack.  Applicants complete an application form and may then be asked to attend an interview.  Successful applicants will be expected to attend a training course, and are usually also offered the chance to gain relevant experience by accompanying an experienced mediator on mediation work.

The training course follows a nationally recognised curriculum.  Attendance at the course is normally free to participants.  Those who undertake funded mediation training will be expected to volunteer as a mediator for at least a year after completing the course successfully.

Volunteers should expect to be available for perhaps 6 hours per month.  They are reimbursed for their travel expenses.  Volunteers usually work in pairs.  The Coordinator offers routine support to mediators; there are also usually two events a year to which all mediators are invited.